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RDBMS Start-RTS+ Relation DataBase Management System

ROSPATENT  N 2004610440  on main


Start-RTS+ - crossplatform language for design applications, works without some change

of code on all hard-soft platforms (for 32bit and 64bit OS Linux, Unix, BSD, Windows)

without emulutors of type Wine.  


 Prototype of   Start-RTS+ is language С – very powerfull and good language in programming!

 Into language Start-RTS+ included next addition means:

 - supercompact RDBMS ( Relation DataBase Management System )

 without using indexs ( no analogs! ).

 - own GUI ( Graphics Interfase User ).

 - own manager of windows without using threads.

 - autonomous system for work with TrueType Fonts ( ttf of OS not using ).

 - additional of  librarys not required.

 - speed work applications analogous made in С.

 - compact of code applications is very good.

 Speed compiler Start-RTS+ made in pure С and made executive code in one pass.


Start-RTS+ - this is:

  • simplicity and expression of constructions for description of complicated conceptions
  • fully support of paradigm object-oriented programming
  • not possibly to management directly by memory of computer ( no pointers )
  • one-pass speed compiler, which produce compact code
  • built-in into language statements for management distributed relational  high-speed and supercompact databases of type Start-RTS+ 
  • use Start-RTS+ model n-length organization of tables ( table into table ), which let fulfil browsing through data of tables without use anyone  additional language constructs
  • supercompact Start-RTS+ organization of store data into one file
  • high-speed Start-RTS+ access to data without use indexes and keys
  • high-speed Start-RTS+ sort into internal and external storage
  • parallel processing of databases identicall structure, dispose on separate computers, lineally boost productivity of system
  • access to data, dispose on separate hardware-software - computer might  and server and client
  • simultaneous access to multitude of connected databases separate structure permit fulfil between exchange by data
  • store into one field of array data one type and search through values array

Start-RTS+ - specifications of language

Common part

Types of data, constants, operations, operators, format of comments,

description of inline functions

Object part

Class declaration, objects declaration, description of inline classes

Relation part

Relation operations with bases, rows, columns, password, access data

Key words

List of key words of  language Start-RTS+

Start-RTS+ grammar

Grammar of language Start-RTS+, how input format for generators of compilers

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